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PV parks are an attractive target for theft

A CCTV system with movement detection software combined with prompt and reliable on-site interventions are essential to secure a PV park. Therefore Spence & Hill is offering proven video surveillance technology together with professional services.

Spence & Hill is a security service company specialized in 24 x 7 video surveillance for perimeter protected outdoor properties, specifically for photovoltaic parks, around Europe.

Spence & Hill Security Service

AI & ML based Video Analytics

Spence & Hill has developed additional video analytics algorithms, using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), to ensure a reliable detection of all relevant events and thereby reducing the number of false alarms. This AI / ML analytics can be applied as an additional security layer to a wide range of available video surveillance technologies and providers and allows an easy integration of already existing video systems.


Service Infrastructure

Spence & Hill offers an extensive package of services precisely aligned to the requirements of your property. Our CCTV specialists prepare detailed analyses and develop customized concepts that are highly effective and extremely cost-efficient, both for new installation and for revamping existing CCTV systems. 


Our highly experienced service team, including our partner network, guarantee detailed preventive and fast corrective maintenance in order to keep the entire CCTV system up and running.

Reliable ARCs and local
security companies

Spence & Hill has strategic partnerships with certified local Alarm Receiving Centers (ARC) to ensure fast reaction times and maximum reliability.


The actions of the ARCs are triggered by AI-supported video analytics which avoids unnecessary intervention costs due to false alarms. A network of local security companies (patrol services) ensures prompt and proper on-site intervention and protection.

The combination of proven video alarm technology, advanced
AI-based video analytics software and the professional services of established Alarm Receiving Centres (ARCs) provide owners and operators a safe, secure and uninterrupted security operation, thereby protecting their investment.

+ Benefits of Spence & Hill Services
  • AI-based advanced video analytics and object detection

  • Highly effective avoidance of false alarms (>98% reduction of false alarms)

  • One-stop-shop for all aspects of outdoor perimeter protection

  • Fast and reliable incident management

  • 24x7 full service from detection and verification to on-site patrol services

  • Detailed analysis of the existing security systems, processes and requirements

  • Detailed reporting of all incidents

  • Preventive and corrective maintenance of all security system components 

  • Remote control and troubleshooting of the security system and the infrastructure

  • Frequent quality checks of the entire alarm chain

+100 protected solar parks 
650 MW capacity of solar parks
+1500 cameras monitored
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